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CompuCover provided by Summit Insurance Services Ltd is one of the largest providers of IT Insurance. CompuCover provides laptop insurance, desktop insurance, netbook insurance, iPad insurance, notebook insurance and other IT insurance. CompuCover provides specialist insurance for your computer equipment against theft, accidental damage, fire and flood with no excess. CompuCover is suitable for individuals, business or educational establishments who wish to insure laptops, insure iPads, insure notebooks, insure desktops, insure netbooks or insure PCs. CompuCover has provided IT insurance to over 20,000 customers who wish to protect their computer equipment. CompuCover is specifically designed for the laptop, netbook and iPad user, providing insurance anywhere in the world, 365 days a year whilst on the move. CompuCover is also suitable if you have several laptops, netbooks or iPads that require insurance, especially when we can offer preferential insurance rates for high volumes of equipment including laptops, iPads, netbooks, desktops, PCs and other computers. Summit Insurance Services Ltd who administers CompuCover also has other branded websites - such as,, and these may also be of interest.